About Us List of Services and General Info

Applicants for various passport services are required to fill in necessary forms and submit their Original Passports along with photocopies of their resident card or any other proof of their residence within the jurisdiction of the Embassy. Consular Services to Indians/Person of Indian Origin/Overseas Citizens of India resident in Colombia and Ecuador are rendered by the Embassy of India, Bogota.

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Other than Passport service and Misc. services on Indian Passports the following Consular services are rendered by the Embassy:

  1. Attestation of Documents (including Power of attorney)
  2. Solemnisation and Registration of Marriage
  3. Police Clearance Certificate/Certificate of Character
  4. Death of Indian nationals abroad/Sending mortal remains/ashes to India
  5. Registration of Newly born baby in Colombia and Ecuador as an Indian Citizen

Emergency services can be provided by the Embassy in genuine cases even on holidays. Charges for the same will be conveyed by the consular officer at email and consular.bogota@mea.gov.in or Tel No. (601) 6373259

Timings of Consular Services:

  • Receipt of Applications 10:00 hours -12:00 hours (working days)
  • Delivery 15:00 hours -16:00 hours (working days)

Consular Services

The applications for Passports and other miscellaneous consular services are usually processed promptly provided all the relevant documents are submitted and requisite fee paid. Any discrepancies in the documents shall be communicated to the applicants. The payments of consular fees made in US Dollars or Colombian Pesos should be through bank transfer or deposited directly in the Embassy’s bank account. No personal cheques or credit cards are accepted. Application for consular services along with enclosures with the proof of payment of fee can be sent to the Embassy and the Embassy will return the serviced documents provided that DHL charges are paid by applicants in addition to the consular fee. The Embassy is not responsible for cash sent by mail. 
Account numbers of the Embassy for transfer or cash deposit are:-

For payments in Colombia:

Account: Embajada De la India
Account Number: NO. 007-396-807

Bank Name: Itau

Type of Account: Cuenta Account

Bring ORIGINAL deposit slip from Banco Itaú

For payments in Ecuador:

Make Deposit in Indian Embassy Account at Pichincha Bank
Bank’sName: Banco Pichincha C.A.
Accountholder’sname: Embajada de la India, Bogota
Account type: Current account
Account No. 3460152804
Kindly submit the original Deposit Slip with the required documents for the desired service.

Certification/attestation of documents:

It is essential that all documents from India are authenticated by Ministry of External Affairs, CPV Division, concerned department of the State Government in India, the Consular Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in New Delhi and by the Embassy of the Country concerned in India before submitting for legalization/attestation to the Embassy of India, Bogota. Documents issued by the countries under consular jurisdiction of the Embassy i.e. Colombia and Ecuador must be notarized /authenticated by the respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs before submission for legalization to the Embassy. The passport copy, stay permit and alien identification must be attached to the formal application for the services requested.