About Us Unrecognized Agents in Ecaudor

It has been observed that many Indians are coming to Ecuador with the hope of reaching USA from here. But all the Indians may please note that there are many agents here in Ecuador, taking advantage of this and cheating fellow Indians by telling the people that they will help in getting to USA or to settle in Ecuador with Investment visa. 

All Indians are advised to not to get trapped by this type of agents. 

Following is the news article published in Ecuador, where the such fraudulent Agents are arrested: (the translation of same is given below)

The captured band that brought foreigners to Ecuador with deceives 

The authorities reported that through Facebook they offered work in the United States to Indian citizens, but first, they had to travel to Ecuador.

When they arrived in the country, they remained locked in hotels and boarding houses because they were supposed to be given an Ecuadorian identification card, and to manage the rest of the documents to enter the US, they were asked to pay between 5,000 and 10,000 dollars, in addition to a similar amount that they had paid before traveling.

Anyone arrived in North America. They remained locked until the money ran out and then the band members abandoned them in the lodging places. The investigation lasted six months and began after a complaint from three foreigners who were abandoned in Guayaquil.