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Telephone numbers:

(+571) 6373259, 6373279, 6373280 y 6373289 Fax: (+571)  6373516

Ambassador: amb.bogota@mea.gov.in

Ambassador’s Office: amboffice.bogota@mea.gov.in

Social Secretary to Ambassador: social.bogota@mea.gov.in 

Head of Chancery:hoc.bogota@mea.gov.in

Political and Commercial: sspol.bogota@mea.gov.in

Consular(Passport, Visa, OCIs): consular.bogota@mea.gov.in and visa.bogota@mea.gov.in  (+571 6373259, 6373451)

Contact Number only for Indian Nationals during any Emergency +57 3142933554

Education, Training programmes and ITEC Scholarships: itec.bogota@mea.gov.in

Yoga and Culture:cul.bogota@mea.gov.in