About Us Employment Visa

Only Visa applications complete in all respects, with the prescribed. Fees, as per the guidelines for the visa category being applied for would be accepted and processed.

Incomplete applications would be accepted but will be processed only when complete in all respects. The Embassy will not be responsible for delay in processing/issue of visa due to receipt of incomplete applications.


Embassy of India Calle 116#7-15 Int.2. Of.301 Torre Cusezar, Santa Barbara Bogotá, Colombia

1. Passport with a minimum validity of one (1) Year with at least three continuous blank pages

2. Filled Application Form with signatures, 2 photos (pasted and uploaded). (On-line application form)

3. Employment contract with signatures of the employer and employee, and Apostille by Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi. The contract must also carry the stipulation of a minimum annual salary of USD$25.000 or its monthly equivalent. 

Only notarized certifications originating in India will be accepted.

4. One of the following documents to be attached:

-(Fresh) Certificate of Incorporation

-Registration Under companies Act

-Proof of registration under State Industrial Department

-Export Promotion Council

5. Certificate for educational qualification and professional expertise 

6. Personal bank statements (past 3 months) with a minimum balance of COP$6.000.000/ USD$2.000

7. Flight reservation.

8. Copy of International Yellow Fever vaccination certificate.

9. Signed Consent Format

10. Original bank deposit slip/Copy of bank transfer

11. Documents certifying stay in Colombia/ Ecuador is more than 2 years (For foreigners)

12. Copy of  the National Identity Certificate for each Applicant (For foreigners)

Applicant with dual nationality must attach copy of the non- applying passport (Please note that the applicant can choose the passport to apply with)

Note: Your family would have to apply for Employment Visa as well under subcategory: Dependent of Employment Visa Holder

For the following nationalities please contact the Embassy, to ask the fee to be paid: Canadá, Irleland, France, Denmark, Australia, New Zeland, Thailand, U.A.E, Israel, Iran, LDC.

Payments in Colombia

Bank Name: Banco Itaú
Bank Account holder: NO. 007-396-807
Account type: Cuenta Corriente
Bring/send original deposit slip

Payments in Ecuador

Make Deposit in Indian Embassy Account at Pichincha Bank
Bank’sName: Banco Pichincha C.A.
Accountholder’sname: Embajada de la India, Bogota
Account type: Current account
Account No. 3460152804
Kindly submit the original Deposit Slip with the required documents for the desired service.

DHL payment is optional USD$50 (to send back the Documents to Ecaudor. If Collecting the documents in person, no need to pay this amount)