About Us Visa Fees

Please be careful while making payment. There is a difference between visas applied at the Embassy and the electronic visa (e-Visa). An electronic visa is directly controlled by MEA India, please check the link Indian eVisa link

Visa fees for different type of Paper visa applications (issued by Embassy of India - Bogota) can be found from the link Visa Fee Chart

Payment of Visa

Account Numbers / Banking information for transferring visa fee and Consular fee in respect of applicants from Colombia and Ecuador.

No cash payment through courier or at the Embassy will be accepted under any circumstances. Please note that personal checks, company checks, online transfer would not be accepted.

For payments in Peso for Applicants applying within Colombia:

Make Deposit in Indian Embassy Account at Itau Bank

Bank Name: Banco Itaú
Bank Account holder: No. 007-396-807
Account type: Current Account

Kindly submit the original Deposit Slip with the required documents for the desired service.

Applicants applying from Ecuador 

Make Deposit in Indian Embassy Account at Pichincha Bank

Bank’s Name: Banco Pichincha C.A.
Accountholder’sname: Embajada de la India, Bogota
Account type: Current account
Account No. 3460152804

Kindly submit the original Deposit Slip with the required documents for the desired service.

Payment of DHL is optional (COP 20000; U$50) for 2 passports (paid to Embassy of India account also)

For return of documents kindly include this information along with documents submitted:

  1. Full name
  2. Address
  3. City
  4. Zip Code
  5. Mail &
  6. Cell Phone number

If you have any questions, or you have any other nationality and want to apply for a visa, please contact us at: Embassy of India, Bogotá Calle 116, No. 07-15, Int. 02, Office 301, Cusezar Tower, Santa Bárbara, Bogotá. Tel. (6) 6373259/79, E-mail: visa.bogota@mea.gov.in   consular.bogota@mea.gov.in

Nationals of United Kingdom (U.K), United States of America (U.S.A), Ukraine, Russia, Sri Lanka, Mozambique are advised to get in touch with Consular Section of the Embassy (write an email to Visa.Bogota@mea.gov.in or/and Consular.Bogota@mea.gov.in) for the appropriate visa fees before making any payment.