About Us Solemnisation and Registration of Marriage

Applicants who want to get married in the Embassy have to follow the following procedure:

1. At least one of the parties proposed to get married should be an Indian citizen.

2. Fill out Online Application form for Miscellaneous Consular Indian Services: https://indianconsularservices.mea.gov.in/consularServices/FrontPage

i. Select as Country, Colombia (for both Ecuador and Colombia residents).

ii. Select as Mission, Colombia-Bogota (for both Ecuador and Colombia residents).

3. Declaration by Bride, Bridegroom, and from parents (Both the parties to the proposed marriage and their parents have to give, a declaration that they want to get marry in Embassy and with a no objection letter from the parents. The format of the documents can be downloaded from the bottom of the page, please the particulars of your name, passport numbers accordingly.)

4. Has to provide a single/bachelor certificate (Please note that Embassy does not issue a single certificate.) 

5. Newspaper announcements. (The applicant has to publish in newspaper classifieds, one in Colombia/Ecuador and one in India stating that, he/she wants to get married so and so person, and submit the copies of the same to Embassy. The format of the notification can be found in the document below)

6. Witnesses (Submit the details of 3 witnesses along with the copies of their passports. These witnesses should come to the Embassy on the day of solemnization of marriage and sign the marriage certificate).

7. Submit 3 colored,  passport size photographs (5cm X 5cm) of the both bride and groom.

8. Pay the appropriate amount in the Embassy bank account and bring the receipt. Details of the Embassy Bank account can be found below. Check the Consular Fee Chart for the latest fees for different Services before making payment from the link. https://www.eoibogota.gov.in/page/passport1/

9. After submission of all the above documents, Embassy will give a date convenient to the applicants after 30 days, and if Embassy does not get any objections from anyone within these 30 days, The Bride, Bridegroom and the 3 witnesses should come to Embassy at 3 PM, and Embassy will solemnize/register the marriage and issue a marriage certificate.

Payments in Colombia:

Bank Name: Banco Itaú

Bank Account holder: NO. 007-396-807

Account type: Cuenta Corriente

Payments in Ecuador:

Bank’sName: Banco Pichincha C.A.

Accountholder’sname: Embajada de la India, Bogota

Account type: Current account

Account No. 3460152804

All Indian nationals residing in Colombia and Ecuador are requested to please Register with Embassy by providing your details. The information is useful for Embassy for contacting the Indian nationals to pass any information and also for sending invitations for events organised by Embassy. The procedure for registration can be found in the link given below,