About Us Registration of Indian Nationals with Embassy (New Link)


The Embassy of India requests Indian diaspora to register themselves on the link https://pravasirishta.gov.in and send feedback/suggestions, if any, to improve the Rishta Portal.

The External Affairs Ministry has launched the Global Pravasi Rishta portal and app to connect with over 30 million strong Indian diaspora across the world. It aims to create a three-way communication between the ministry, Indian missions and the diaspora.

This portal is created to enable the registration of Indian diaspora members i.e. NRIs, PIOs and the OCIs which is not just going to facilitate the Indian government to connect with the overseas Indian community but also facilitate NRIs, OCIs and PIOs community by connecting them to various new and existing government schemes benefiting them in various areas of interest. This portal and app will also assist during any crisis management and lend a helping hand to the NRIs and PIOs. The rishta portal will enable communication with the diaspora on a realtime basis and will have the ability to issue emergency alerts and advisories. It will also enable the diaspora to reach the consular officers and services in time of emergencies.

The portal would provide latest information on the existing and new government schemes launched for the benefits of the diaspora. It can also be used for collecting opinion of the diaspora on important policy issues, sharing e-newsletters, conducting surveys, online B2B matchmaking, presentation of technical innovations, submission of diaspora literary & art works etc.