About Us Police Clearance Certificate (For Indians Only)

As per the new guidelines related to the issuance of the Police Clearance Certificate, applicants may please note that PCC will be issued by Embassy only after obtaining the FRESH POLICE VERIFICATION report from India. The verification may take 1-2 months or even more and depend on case to case basis. So everyone is advised to apply for PCC well in advance considering the time required in issuing the same. 

  • Completed, printed, and signed Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Application form: https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/ or https://portal4.passportindia.gov.in/Online/index.html (Step-A: Register first by choosing the Embassy/Consular as Colombia - Bogota and filling your details. You will get an activation email link to your email after successful signup.  Step-B: Activate the user by clicking on the link received on your registered email address and using the option User Login, login with your registered email Id/User Id and Password in the above portal, Step-C: After successfully logging to the portal, click on the option Apply for Police Clearance Certificate,  fill your details and submit the application) Please make sure to sign and paste the photo after printing the submitted application, otherwise the application will not be accepted.
  • Proof of your permanent residency in Colombian/Ecuador. (Copy of any public service bill)
  • Recent proof of your place of residency in India.
  • Filled in Copy of the Personal Particulars Form (CLICK HERE) May please note to fill the Indian references in the References section (No. 10) in the form.
  • A letter containing detailed reasons why the person is applying for PCC what do you do for living in Colombia/Ecuador and for how long have you have been living in Colombia/Ecuador including contact details (email, home address, mobile number). Including Address with zip code that it can be found in www.codigopostal.gov.co or www.codigopostal.gob.ec 
  • Proof of work permit/stay permit/visa/copy of identity card showing the legal status of the applicant in the country of residence.
  • Original Applicant’s passport along with 1 Copy of Front and Back page of the Passport.
  • Three (3) photographs 5 cm x 5 cm
  • The address which are you are providing for PCC should be the same address that is printed in the Passport. If you wish you Police-Verification to be done at a different address than the one available in Passport, you have to apply for a renewal of Passport with the revised address and then apply for PCC on the new address.

Note: Please remember that the address in the application form SHOULD BE THE SAME to the address provided as proof of residency in Colombia and the address provided as proof of Indian address.

Address to Send/Submit all the Documents:

Embassy of India, Calle 116 # 7-15, Torre Cusezar Oficina 301, Código Postal: 110111287, Bogotá, Colombia

Need to pay DHL/Courier charges in case if the applicants want the Embassy to send bank the documents/Passports through courier. If the applicants are going to collect the documents/Passports directly from the Embassy, No need to pay this amount. Please check the fee chart regarding how much to pay.

Latest Fee Chart for Passport/Consular/Miscellaneous Services (Click Here

For details of Embassy's Bank a/c and procedure about making the payment, please (CLICK HERE) 

All Indian nationals residing in Colombia and Ecuador are requested to please Register with Embassy by providing your details. The information is useful for Embassy for contacting the Indian nationals to pass any information and also for sending invitations for events organised by Embassy. The procedure for registration can be found in the link given below,