About Us General Information

The Embassy of India, Bogota is concurrently accredited to the Republic of Ecuador. The Embassy is authorized to issue passports to Indian nationals, Overseas Citizen of India cards as well as to render consular assistance to Indian nationals. The Embassy accepts visa applications from Colombian nationals, Ecuador nationals and foreign nationals resident in these countries (after 2 years of residence proved).
Following are our contact details:

  • 1) Embassy of India, Bogota Calle 116, No. 07-15, Int. 02, Office 301, Cusezar Tower, Santa Barbara, Bogota, ZIP Code 110111287
  • 2)  Tel.  (60 1) 6373259, 79
  • 3)  Website:  www.eoibogota.gov.in
Use of PIN Code
All applicants from Colombia and Ecuador applying for Visa and Consular Services are required to indicate ZIP Code along with their postal address to facilitate easy dispatch of serviced documents. Information about the ZIP Codes: in Colombia is available at  http://codigopostal.gov.co  In Ecuador at  www.codigopostal.gob.ec