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10th Int Silk Fair

The India Silk Export Promotion Council (ISEPC) is organizing the 10th India International Silk Fair. Financed under the MAI scheme, through which they propose to sponsor the visit of foreign buyers to the fair.

The objective of sponsoring the visit of the foreign buyers to the fair is to provide an exposure of products of around 80 exhibitors from all over India who will be displaying varieties of fabrics & Garments both in silk & silk blended, Scarves, Sarees , Made-ups, Silk Carpets & Home furnishing.

Buyers visiting the fair will have the opportunity to source large, unexplored varieties of products in different materials directly from the manufacturers. ISEPC would like to offer visiting buyers the following:

I. Air ticket subsidy for visiting buyers for INR 80,000 (USD 1,100 - COP 4,348,300 approx) * Subject to the actual fare or the limit prescribed above, whichever is lower *

II. two-day complementary stay in a 5-star hotel with breakfast and working lunch at the fair venue.

III. Free pickup from New Delhi airport to hotel and free hotel pickup and drop-off to fair venue and vice versa.

The Indian silk industry is very dynamic as it is the only country in the world that produces all the commercial varieties of Tassar, Muga, Eri and Mulberry silk. Silk produced in India has its own uniqueness in terms of better strength, ability to absorb dyes, roughness, luster and luster, drape, feel, etc.

Indian silk is unique not only because it has distinguished and distinct characters compared to silk from other countries, but also because of the fact that the processes and technologies used are different and varied.

Event website: indiansilkfair.in
Physical buyer registration link: http://indiansilkfair.in/physical/buyer-registration-form.php
Virtual buyer registration link: http://indiansilkfair.in/virtual/buyer-registration-form.php