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Fill out Miscellaneous form Indian Services

  • Letter Explaining the reasons why the person is applying for PCC including contact detailed information (email, home address WITH Codigo Postal www.codigopostal.gob.ec, mobile number) Also this letter must contain what do you do for living in Ecuador and for how long has you lived there. 
  • Copy of valid Ecuadorian Visa or resident permit
  • Proof of residency in Ecuador (Copy of any public service bill as proof of the permanent residence)
  • Original Applicant’s passport
  • Three (3) photographs 4cm x 3cm

Send all these requirements to Indian Embassy
Calle 116 # 7-15
Torre Cusezar
Oficina 301
Código Postal: 110111287
Bogotá, Colombia 

For payments in Peso for Applicants applying within Colombia:
Bank Name: Banco Itaú
Bank Account holder: NO. 007-396-807
Account type: Cuenta Corriente
Bring/send original deposit slip

Applicants applying from Ecuador / Payments made by bank transfer:
Account Number USD: 726-00151-6
Beneficiary Embajada India Bogota
Beneficiary Address Calle 116 no 7-15 of 301. Bogotá, Colombia
Name of Beneficiary Bank in Colombia: Banco Itaú (part of Corpbanca Bank)
Beneficiary Bank Address Carrera 7 No. 27-18, Bogota Colombia
Swift Code Beneficiary Bank in Colombia: BCTOCOBB
Intermediate Bank: Citibank, New York
Swift Code Intermediate Bank: CITIUS33
ABA 02100008
DHL payment is optional USD$50 (Made also by bank transfer)

Note : All interbank and commission fees must be covered by the Applicants, which are usually from USD$20 to USD$50

Note 2 : Please remember that the address in the application form SHOULD BE THE SAME as the address provided as proof of residency and the address that appears in the Indian Passport.