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All Indian nationals residing in Colombia and Ecuador are requested to please Register with Embassy by providing your details. The information is useful for Embassy for contacting the Indian nationals to pass any information and also for sending invitations for events organised by Embassy. The procedure for registration can be found in the link given below,

Life Certificate

1.     Fill out Miscellaneous form Indian Services (Can be downloaded here)

2.     Letter explaining the reasons why the person is applying for LIFE CERTIFICATE. Include contact detailed information (email, home address WITH Codigo Postal www.codigopostal.gov.co/www.codigopostal.gob.ec , mobile number)

3.     Proof of residency in Colombia/Ecuador (Copy of any public service bill of residence or any proof of the permanent residence that has to match with the one written in the miscellaneous application form)

4.    Details of Pension account, along with any documentary proof of the same.

5.     The copy of the Life Certificate (if the applicant has any pre-defined format required by the Indian authorities etc.). Otherwise, Embassy issue the Life Certificate in the standard format.

6.     Copy of Applicant’s Indian passport

7.     Life Cetificate for retired Govt. Employees, in connection with their pension, is issued on GRATIS basis and no fees is charged. However, the applicants may have to pay the Courier/DHL charges for sending the original document. For any other reasons, and for commercial purposes, the applicants may have to pay the Misc. Services (attestation) fees.

Address to Send/Submit all the Documents:

Embassy of India, Calle 116 # 7-15, Torre Cusezar Oficina 301, Código Postal: 110111287, Bogotá, Colombia

DHL(optional): Need to pay DHL/Courier charges in case if the applicants want the Embassy to send bank the documents/Passports through courier. If the applicants are going to collect the documents/Passports directly from the Embassy, No need to pay this amount. Please check the fee chart regarding how much to pay.

Latest Fee Chart for Passport/Consular/Miscellaneous Services (Click Here)

For details of Embassy's Bank a/c and procedure about making the payment, please (CLICK HERE)