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Marriages to be performed by the India Missions- Essential requirements for Marriage to be performed under Indian Marriages Act, 1969.

1. At least one of the parties proposed to marriage should be an Indian citizen.

2. Officer heading the Consular Division of the Mission is appointed as Marriage Officer (by designation and not by name) by the HOM.

3. Both the parties to the proposed marriage to give a ‘’ Intention to get marry notice’’ to the Marriage Officer in the Mission. The Marriage Officer will put it up on the notice board of the Mission inviting objections, if any to the proposed marriage, within 30 days.

4. The newly-wed couple should get their marriage registered also in the Court of Law in India to enable children of such persons to inheritance.

5. The parties to the marriage are required to publish a notice regarding their intention to get marry in  at least one prominent local daily in India and the Colombia/Ecuador as applicable and provide the original clipping to the Marriage officer.

Both the parties should furnish ’’ No objection to marriage’’ from their parents duly apostilled.

Date and time for solemnizing the ceremony to be fixed by the Marriage after expiry of 30 days’ notice.

Parties to marriage should come to the ceremony with at least two witnesses from each side and they should carry their passports.

The relevant entries to be  made by the Marriage Officer in the Marriages Register maintained by the Mission duly signed  by the couple  as well as witnesses from both sides.

An attested extract of the entry in the Marriage Register duly signed by the Marriage Officer to be issued to the couple.  This is the Marriage certificate issued by the Mission.

Fee as prescribed by the Mission from time to time to be paid by the couple intending to Marry.