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General information

Mandatory use of the zip code

All applicants who live in Colombia and wish to apply for a Visa or process one of our Consular Services, must indicate the Postal Code along with their correspondence address to facilitate the sending of documents. More information: In Colombia at  http://codigopostal.gov.co/ .  In Ecuador at  www.codigopostal.gob.ec .

Agenda for the Open Door Day with the Ambassador

Shri Ravi Bangar, the Ambassador of India in Colombia and Ecuador will be available to the public to address any issue / issue related to consular matters on the first Thursday of each month from 2 PM to 3 PM. The days scheduled for the open day are: November 22 and 20from December. In his absence, the Chargé d'Affaires of the Embassy of India would be holding the open house. Interested persons who wish to register any complaint / provide suggestions etc., can register at the Embassy on Monday immediately prior to the email  social@embajadaindia.org .

The Embassy of India, Bogotá is accredited to the Republic of Ecuador. The Embassy is authorized to issue passports to Indian nationals, Indian Overseas Citizenship Cards (OCI), as well as to provide consular assistance to Indian nationals. The Embassy accepts visa applications from Colombian nationals, Ecuadorians and foreigners residing in these countries.

The following are our contact information: